Cobalt Chrome Rings
Cobalt Chrome RingsCobalt Chrome Rings

Chromite Cobalt Chrome Ring


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Chromite Cobalt Chrome Ring

features a twin finished wide band with a polished inner and outer edges and brushed inner groove. A very popular contemporary style which we have repeated custom make requests for and as such the chromite came to be. With a high scratch resistance and high flexural strength, cobalt chrome rings are shatter proof, making them a great material for rings. Cobalt chrome rings are bright white in comparison to other contemporary metals like tungsten and titanium which are a grayish hue.

Cobalt chrome, the alloy is 4 times harder than Platinum, 5 times harder than Gold . Like our other cobalt chrome rings, the chromite is approximately 2~2.3mm thick. The band stands at a total width of 8mm

Customize- You can customise this ring. You can have this ring in a different width, colour or metal if you prefer or you can also get a matching ring to this made for your partner. Please fill in as much details as you can on our custom make form. This cobalt chrome ring can also be ordered as a matching set or made in a different width.



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