Palladium Ring with slight Concave




Palladium Ring

that features a brushed and polished finish with a distinact slight concave at the centre of the band and a multi step groove outer for a brilliant and outstandingly different look to your wedding ring.  Naturally white, the metal palladium consist of pure metal consitutent at 95%, and requires no replating to keep the whiteness forever. Palladium is lighter than platinum althought they are from the same group in the periodic table.  Completed in a mixed finish of brushed and polished, this feature rich palladium ring is 6mm wide.

This ring is made to order in New Zealand. Please allow upto 10 working days for delivery from payment for your ring to be made and delivered across New Zealand or standard delivery time internationally.

Customize- You can customise this ring. You can have this ring in a different width, colour or metal if you prefer or you can also get a matching ring to this made for your partner. Please fill in as much details as you can on our custom make form. Note that this palladium ring can also be ordered as a matching set or made in a different width. Like all our other palladium rings, this pone is also 95% pure palladium.


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