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Matching Rings: When you choose to marry someone, each of you makes the decision to wear a ring, a symbol that shows the love between the two of you. It’s a simple and elegant tradition that’s been part of our culture for generations. Like that tradition, the ring you choose to present should be just as simple and elegant. A ring full of ornamentation can take away from the grace of a relationship. That’s why the ZEPHYR  Tungsten Wedding Matching Rings Set is the perfect choice. Made of Tungsten Carbide and brilliantly polished, this matching set of gunmetal colored rings is THE choice for a wedding ring set for you and your loved one. Smooth, simple, and stylish, the ZEPHYR set will provide you and your each with a striking ring that will be perfect for not only the big day, but your future as well.

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Zephyr 8mm


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