The easy part was making the decision to choose tungsten for a men’s wedding band, now you need a little help finding the perfect ring. One of the many reasons tungsten wedding rings are so popular is they are endlessly customisable, ensuring you can find exactly the right look to fit your style.
Here’s what you need to know about choosing a men’s tungsten wedding ring:


Tungsten rings cannot be resized, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about choosing the wrong size or outgrowing your tungsten wedding ring. Visit our page on Sizing Your Tungsten Ring to learn more about our “Right Size Guarantee.”
Tungsten rings are available in a huge variety of sizes, from slim bands typical of the traditional wedding ring, to larger and thicker rings that add drama and gravitas. Larger rings allow more room for unique patterning and designs.


Plating can create a multitude of looks, from the luxury of gold to the sophistication of black. Matte finish adds distinctive texture, highly polished finish is traditional and romantic.


One of the newest and most popular option is black Ceramic. Essentially black ceramic with a tungsten core recreates the look and feel of black tungsten but the black on the ceramic is permanent unlike black tungsten.


A popular choice for men’s tungsten wedding rings, precious stones add romance and value.


Tungsten wedding rings can be embellished with a variety of grooves, stepped designs, and cut outs to create a piece as unique as the relationship it symbolises. These artisanal touches add drama and distinction to your tungsten wedding ring.


Though less common in tungsten wedding rings, carbon fibre inlays can create a modern, truly unique piece. Your ring can also be inlaid with Gold or Sterling Silver if you choose.


Celtic patterns are a popular choice for men’s tungsten wedding rings, for their romantic and traditional appeal. There are a variety of additional themes appropriate for a wedding band.
So head out to our shop and browse the collection to find something that calls out to you. If you need help choosing the perfect ring to fit your style, contact us with any questions – we’re happy to help you!