‘Proposal Season’ in New Zealand is generally between Christmas and Valentine’s Day which sees a spike in the number of people getting down on bended knee. Bet summer plays a part to the mood.

When women were surveyed about which day of the year they considered the most romantic for a proposal, the most popular answer, garnering almost a third of the votes, was very specific.

Valentine’s Day.

Men perhaps have been paying attention to the results of that survey because there has been a marked trend towards the Valentine’s Day proposal.

In the same survey, one fifth of the male respondents regarded Valentine’s Day as the most romantic for a proposal. That, coupled with the growing number of women who feel equally at ease proposing as being proposed to means that men are increasingly likely to find themselves on the receiving end of the question. We also believe the real life proof to this makes sense with a fair share of women contacting us to find out more about mens rings.

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Here is some advice for anyone planning on popping the question this Valentine’s Day that will have your partner saying ‘yes’ and create a wonderful set of memories of the start of the next stage of your life together.

First, let’s touch on some What Not To Dos.

Some of the most overdone ideas are those perpetuated by Hollywood movies, and one of the worst offenders is the Ring in the Glass of Champagne. Hackneyed to the point of being cheesy, trying this after scores of movies over the past three decades have featured it just reeks of unimaginative laziness.

Some would go as far as to say that the entire Restaurant Proposal has become clichéd. However, that does not mean that the entire concept of proposing during a meal should be abandoned, far from it. Instead, it should be infused with a touch of personal flair and incorporate a unique touch to show your partner that it is not an imitation of a screenwriter’s concept of romance, but a gesture symbolic of your life together so far.

A home-cooked meal of your partner’s favorite dishes or perhaps hiring for the day the chef from their most loved restaurant, accompanied by music by a violinist might be today’s sophisticated evolution of the old idea. Kiwis aren’t generally flamboyant when it comes to the proposal so many would see the suggestion as an odd one.

Despite what some films perpetuate as awfully romantic, not everyone dreams of a proposal in the middle of a stadium full of strangers. Tread carefully with how large an audience, if any, your partner would be comfortable with before springing it – it just might force them to subdue the ecstatic enthusiasm of their response. Partners of exhibitionists are free to disregard this advice.

On the other hand, the idea of making your friends and family part of the occasion is gaining popularity. Many a proposal celebration has been enlivened and made more memorable by the presence and participation of those close to your partner and you. If nothing else, it strengthens the bonds that both of you hold dear.

One great advantage of having a group of loved ones close by is the ability to capture every expression on your partner’s face when you get down on your knee and the instant of intense joy and emotion on both your countenances when they say yes. Of course, you could opt for a professional photographer and/or videographer.

Social media bears testimony to this ever more popular trend of digital memories and the odds are that if you fail to make arrangements to capture the moment for posterity, you might find yourself facing some difficult questions from your betrothed.
Another trend that seems to have gained traction in recent times is the destination or holiday proposal.

A proposal by its very essence is the epitome of love and intense feelings of unity, but just imagine it magnified by the romantic ambience of a white sandy beach with the sky painted an enrapturing palette of lilac, amber and crimson hues. Or arm-in-arm, sipping from a champagne glass (without a ring inside) in a hotel room looking upon the city lights against an inky sky through picture windows as the soft perfume of the rose petals sprinkled on the bed behind you waft past.

These, and an ocean of other similarly tender ideas can make the difference between a fantastic proposal and a timeless one your friends will talk about.


So if you are gearing up for a proposal this season, here’s wishing you all the best.

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