Mens Wedding Rings

Because the two most common rings we see today are engagement and wedding rings, it is sometimes easy to mistake the concept of rings standing as a symbol of betrothal as a relatively recent one. However, the reverse is true, with evidence showing that women in ancient Egypt donned them around five thousand years ago. The idea of wearing a ring on the fourth finger of the hand was born in that period, too, as it was believed that a vein called the Vein of Love, or the Vena Amoris believed to run from that finger directly to the heart.

The wedding ring concept itself, though, has undergone some evolution over the ages – originally it was only women who bore a wedding ring on their fingers. Gimmel Rings which are similar to modern day puzzlde rings were used as betrothal rings.That changed fairly recently, in the middle of the last century, and in particular during and after the Second World War .Many a young soldier wore a ring as poignant escapism from the harsh reality of brutal conflict that surrounded him, and as a tangible representation of the love between him and a young lady oceans away who wore a corresponding one.

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