All-Mens Rings

A simple single line, an unadorned outline. Man has adopted it as a representation of both nothing and of infinity.

That is the power of the ring.

This unassuming halo has come to symbolize Man’s character and his most intense passions from the power of love to the spirit of fraternity to the ecstasy of victory. From humble beginnings as just single or plaited strips of reed or grass, rings of today are potent symbols worn to convey a message to the world and may be composed of the world’s most precious metals and adorned with priceless jewels.

Although matrimonial rings were the realm of women for the majority of their history, men have worn rings symbolic of power, prestige, family and fraternity for centuries. These are worn generally on the right hand.

Signet rings have been symbols of high office and power across the globe for millennia. Fraternal bonds and family crests have both been captured by stylized designs and ring faces passed down over generations.

Our collection at Simply Suave includes an extensive range of metals and materials, and you are guaranteed to find a ring that will express the true you.

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