Finger Print Rings have grown in popularity recently due to the fact that they are a fast and way to personalise your ring without too much effort. We elaborate the process of getting a custom made finger print ring as below


Head to the Finger Print Ring Page first

  • Choose a Base Shape.


  • Decide on the Base Shape that you want for the ring. Example of base shapes are classic dome, step edge, pipe cut, and so on.


  • Decide on the colour.


  • Decide on the polish/finish of the ring. You now need to decide whether you would like a polished( shiny) or brushed( matt) finish for your ring.


  • Decide on the finger print you need( Most common ones are the right hand index or left hand ring finger impression)


  • Create your finger print Impression by using an ink stamp( recommended) or by covering your finger with a blob of ink and making several impression on to a clean white piece of paper.


  • Choose the one that is clearest and without smudges as your print.


  • Choose your ring size. Add Engraving if required. All done from your end. Now just relax and wait for your ring to arrive.
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