Last updated: July 25th 2016

When one decides to gift a man a piece of jewellery, that is not wedding related, one would definitely consider cufflinks, along with bracelets. Right hand rings can be hard to pick, and this is something you would only do if you know the recipient quite well. Not sure if cufflinks are considered by many as not substantial or whether it is the lack of pleasing styles that has resulted in a lesser number of cufflinks being gifted, but what is obvious is that mens bracelets are increasingly becoming more and more popular.

An interesting read from Business of Fashion Talks about the rapidly growing popularity of bracelets over the last few years.

In recent years, men’s buying habits have also moved well beyond the traditional confines of the category, namely watches, wedding bands and cufflinks. “The business of men’s jewellery went dormant post-1970s; the Wall Street power dressing trend was more buttoned-up. What [we see] today is men’s newfound passion for wearing jewellery again as a means of personal expression,” said Kalenderian.

Nowhere has this passion been more evident than on men’s wrists. “Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets, piled up on wrists evoking memories of distant travels to exotic vacations. Today, this newfound comfort level for men to wear their style on their sleeve is infectious,” added Kalenderian.

“With bracelets it started with rock and roll, only heavy bracelets, then it became leather and silver and very little thin bands, and then elastic bands that are always linked to a charity, like LiveAid, etcetera. Now you see a wide array of bracelets. You can go into Zara and there is a wide selection of bracelets against the wall, or you can go into a designer shop and you’ll have leather and silver,” explained Tateossian.

“Our accessories category is a big growth area across the board, but over the last few seasons jewellery — more specifically bracelets — has shown huge potential. Jewellery like this used to be more successful in more traditional metals, but now we’re seeing a rise in alternative materials such as leather,” said Spiteri.


So if you are shopping for a mens bracelet, where do you begin, and how do you go about it.? Stephen Pulvirent from Bloomberg has shared a humourous twist to choosing a mens bracelet.

Last year we had the summer of peak man bracelet. Everywhere you looked, someone seemed to be dangling half a dozen leather and metal trinkets from each of his hairy forearms. It was a lot. But guys don’t need to overcorrect and avoid wrist wear altogether this summer; we just need to think a little bit harder about what we strap on. Here are some simple dos and don’ts.
Do: Embrace Color

Last year was all about the dark woven leather bracelets or metallics. But you’re a man, and you’re wearing a bracelet. You might as well have fun. A bright orange, lilac, or teal wrist accessory is a good way to get some color into an outfit if you don’t want to wear pants that are bright orange, lilac, or teal.


You can read the rest of the article here on Bloomberg.

So, if you are stuck for ideas shopping for a man, bracelets are definitely a serious option to consider as they are much easier to purchase compared to a ring or a watch and much more easily received and worn considering their ever increasing popularity, and do not forget to check out our range of mens bracelets at the Simply Suave store.

Image Credit:Bloomberg