A ring is probably that one piece of jewellery most men wear or have to wear. A ring that sits well and fits well exudes elegance as well as prevents you from losing it. Using a men’s ring size guide, getting sized and taking the time to get the perfect fit – one that is neither too loose nor too tight – is probably the best investment of time you can make before you buy yourself or that special someone a ring.However, this process can sometimes be more complicated than it initially sounds because men’s ring size systems vary greatly around the world.

Men’s Ring Sizes in New Zealand

In New Zealand, we follow the British system which lists ring sizes alphabetically from A to Z. Between each full size, for example, between A to B, there is usually a half size, in this case, A1/2. Each half size increment is either 0.6mm or 0.7mm. Beyond Z , there are also sizes Z1 to Z3.


New Zealand men’s ring sizes, like most other standards are a measure of the inside circumference of a ring that is then converted to a ring size measure.


The systems by which men’s ring sizes are gauged are well established and largely static. Unfortunately, the human body and finger diameter are not. When taking ring size measurements, you have to keep in mind that the variations that the body undergoes in its daily cycle and in response to the ambient conditions will affect the result you get. The other factor one has to consider is that our fingers arent perfectly circular unlike the diameters and circumferences which always relate to geometric circles.


It is best to take finger circumference measurements later in the evening, as the body tends to expand over the course of the day. Avoid taking measurements when the hands are cold – finger circumference can shrink up to an entire half size when the blood vessels are constricted.


Another common mistake is to assume that the circumference of corresponding fingers on both hands are identical; they are not – measure for the hand and finger where the ring is to be worn to avoid disappointment later.


You want a snug fit that goes over the widest part of the finger, usually the second knuckle. The wider the band of the ring is, the greater the surface area that will be in contact with this widest part when it is being put on or taken off. This causes friction, which makes it harder to wear rings with a deep band width than those that with a thinner band.


Here is all that information in a summary:
1. Measure the same finger where the ring is to be worn.
2. Take measurements in the evening or night.
3. Avoid taking measurements when you are cold or in a chilly environment.
4. Thicker bands make require you to wear a larger size than what you measure.


Of course, it simplifies matters greatly if you already have a ring that is worn on the finger for which you want to buy the new ring. Simply taking that ring to a jeweller who can use a ring mandrel to determine or matching the outline of that ring’s circumference (not always accurate)


If you do know your ring sizing in the American number sizes( the next most popular method of sizing) you can use the guide below as a reference to convert your existing sizes into the New Zealand Alphanet sizing however please take note that converting a size merely from the diameter or circumference is not ideally our recommendation, as we have a free ring sizer that you could opt for with your order.

U.S NumberNZ SizeInner Diameter(mm)Circumference(mm)
5 J 1/2 15.7 49.34
5.5 K 1/2 16.1 50.6
6 L 1/2 16.5 51.88
6.5 M 1/2 16.9 53.11
7 O 17.5 54.98
7.5P 17.9 56.23
8 Q 18.3 57.49
8.5 R 18.7 58.75
9 S 19.1 60
9.5 T 19.5 61.26
10 U 19.9 62.52
10.5 V 20.3 63.77
11 W 20.7 65.05
11.5 X 21.1 66.29
12 Y 21.5 67.51
12.5 Z 21.968.77
13 Z+1 22.3 70.1
13.5 Z+2 22.7 70.25
14 Z+3 23.1 72.6


Free Ring Sizer

We offer an optional and complimentary free ring sizer if you prefer stay at home sizing or would like to double check your size. Just choose a size from checkout and be sure to leave us a note stating you need a sizer, so you will be sent one before being sent the actual ring. The sizer is yours to keep.


The Surprise Men’s Ring
Although this is a problem more often faced by men than by women, buying a man’s ring as a surprise presents its own set of unique challenges. If you are looking to surprise a man with a ring, many of the easiest ways of discovering his ring size are no longer viable options.


Arguably the easiest way to discover your man’s ring size is to use a ring he currently wears. If he is likely to miss it if you carry it off to a jewellers, who have the ideal solution that will let you discover his size without raising his suspicions and spoiling your surprise. Often sliding an existing ring to a sizing mandrel will determine the accurate size. If you are buying a ring as a surprise, be sure to get in touch with us first so we can help you create your magic moment.


Once you have decided on your ring size, head back to check out all our mens rings here.