One thing that reflects a man’s personality and style is his choice in jewellery. When it comes to selecting a wedding band, a man can choose to buy something that matches his partner’s ring, he can modify the design or he can have something totally unique made for him- it all depends on what he prefers.

Gold rings

are very common but of other noble metals you can there is platinum, and palladium rings nz. Platinum rings have become popular because they are durable, have a lustrous appearance, a decent weight besides of course being of high quality.

Besides, men’s platinum rings create an enduring symbol of both the men who choose to wear them and the reason for choosing to wear them. So whether your style is elegant or rugged, uncomplicated or elaborate, platinum’s quality standards will make you stand out.

But before you jump onto the bandwagon and start picking out rings, you first need to understand more about platinum and the design choices available. Wedding rings should feel like a good investment, not a waste of money so the more informed you are, the better the decision you’ll be able to make.

Platinum versus White Gold. Which One is Better?

You can’t really tell the difference between platinum wedding rings and white gold ones when they are brand new with the exception of the hallmark on the inside. But over time, you’ll notice that the white gold ring begins to acquire a yellow hue. This means you have to get it re-polished and re-plated occasionally. Depending on where you buy the ring, you can have these two things done free or at a fee.

Platinum, on the other hand, is truly white and stays white. It is also stronger and more durable but it scratches easily. The good news is that even when it scratches, it develops a patina finish or in simple terms, an antique finish. Most people actually love it when their rings develop this “worn out” look. But when a white gold ring scratches, it loses its gold and looks like a scratched ring.

What are the Different Styles of Platinum Wedding Rings?

The hardest part about shopping for a platinum wedding ring is picking out the style. There are so many options to choose from. The surface finishes, the design details and the various combinations just makes it even harder to choose men’s platinum rings.

The good news is that if you can’t find something you like in a premade platinum ring, you can always have one custom made. So let’s look at some of the different styles of wedding rings:

a) Two-tone- this is a ring made by combining two metals such as platinum and titanium.


b) Filigree- this one has decorative elements like elaborate detailing of vines


c) Weave or Braid- the patterns on the rings look like strands of metal have been braided together.


d) Stone- the surface of the ring looks like a stone; rugged and brushed


e) Satin- the surface of the ring looks finely brushed


f) Polished- surface looks shiny and smooth


Can You Add Precious Stones To Platinum Rings?

Apart from the different styles of platinum rings that we’ve mentioned, some people prefer to add coloured stones or diamonds to their rings. And because platinum is a strong metal, its prongs can hold any stone for a long time without breaking. So you can make a unique statement with your ring by adding any precious stone of your choice without worrying that one day you’ll wake up and find it gone.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Platinum Wedding Band?

Well, there are a number of factors to consider such as:

  1. The ring size

When you walk into a jewellery store, they’ll measure the size of your existing ring or measure your finger on the spot. If you plan to buy your ring online, many jewellers’ sites display the interior measurement for each ring size and size conversions. Keep in mind that if your knuckle is much larger than the lower part of your finger, you might want to select a ring that’s larger than the actual size of your finger.

  • Standard fit vs. comfort fit

Both standard fit and comfort fit refer to the inside of the ring. The comfort fit is the most popular choice for men’s platinum rings because its rounded interior makes it easy to it slide on and off. It’s even comfortable to wear especially for people who like wider wedding bands.

If you must take your ring off often due to work hazards, then you will find the comfort fit to be a much better option but it will cost you more. Extra metal needs to be used in order to make the inner surface round but if you want to avoid extra costs you should choose the standard fit, which has a flat inner surface.

  • Re-sizing your platinum ring

Platinum has a higher melting point than most precious metals and it can easily be contaminated if someone who is inexperienced resizes it. The steps needed to resize platinum rings is not the same as  for other rings made from different metals. It also requires the use of special tools to get the work done. So if you need to get your ring resized after you’ve bought it, you should take it to someone who specialises in Platinum.

How Much Do Men’s Platinum Rings Cost?

The cost of the ring will depend on many factors. However to give you an indication a Platinum Band would always be at the higher end of prices for wedding bands.

Do you want a ring made of pure platinum or do you want one combined with other metals of the platinum group like palladium? If you want a pure platinum ring, you’ll have to fork out more money. The finest quality Platinum rings are all Platinum 950, meaning they contain 95% platinum. All Simply Suave Platinum rings are hallmarked 950 PLAT.

How Do You Take Care of Platinum Rings?

If your job involves a lot of manual work, it’s best if you take the ring off and only put it back on after your done working. As we’ve mentioned earlier, platinum scratches fairly easily. If you don’t like the patina look, you should take it off and store it in a chamois pouch or a jewellery box.

Cleaning the ring is quite easy. All you need to do is clean it using warm water and a mild soap solution or wipe with a soft cloth.

Alternatively, you can buy special polishing solutions or polishing cloths provided they specifically say in the labels that it’s safe to use them on platinum.

If you want to restore your ring’s original lustre, you should take it to a professional who has experience polishing and cleaning platinum rings.


At Simply Suave we have a great range of mens wedding bands in platinum as well as other contempary and traditional metals. You can check them all here.