For millennia, men’s rings have symbolized the power, prosperity, allegiance and faith of their bearers. One of the few pieces of jewellery seen as a masculine symbol, rings adorn the fingers of men of power and influence – particularly those who are self-made – even today.


To the layperson, men’s rings may appear simply as halos of an assortment of shapes and materials, but there is a story behind each design and a reason for wearing every gemstone and every metal. The finger on which a ring is worn is also significant, and modern research has shown its benefits to be akin to that of acupressure.


Custom-made rings are a hallmark of prestige, an expression of individuality that greatly surpasses that borne by the plethora of mass-produced pieces. With years of experience in designing and making customized rings, Simply Suave has an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations. Our finished pieces are works of art and a testament to our unrelenting pursuit of excellence through our team of talented craftsmen, carefully selected for their abilities, and who have demonstrated a passion for distinction that matches ours.


Simply Suave can design your unique ring to your exact specifications, from the choice of precious metal used, to your choice from the selection of diverse styles of the band, and to the unique, symbolic shape of the ring itself. Be it for engagement or marriage, as a symbol of friendship or fraternity, to celebrate an anniversary or to celebrate an achievement, a one-of-a-kind ring is truly something special.


To suit every individual preference, we work with a variety of the world’s most desirable precious metals – Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Tungsten and Titanium.


Our true expertise is revealed, however, in the crafting of unique styles of men’s rings. Here, briefly, are some styles that have proven popular, some that are centuries and even millennia old.


Claddagh rings are a style of fede’ ring which signify hands joined in faith/loyalty’. The Claddagh style dates to the early 1700s from the Irish fishing village after which it is named. These rings are easily distinguished by their bezel which is cut or cast into the shape of two hands holding a heart between them, with a crown adorning the top of the heart. Fenian’ Claddagh rings omit the crown.


The heart symbolizes love, the hands, friendship, and the crown, loyalty.


Celtic designs have been a popular choice for decoration for various objects and buildings for almost 1,500 years and they retain their popularity even today. Unsurprisingly, Celtic designs are an immensely popular choice for rings also.


Celtic designs are unique for their interlacing patterns that include spirals, step patterns and key patterns. Their appeal seems to lie in the stunning, eye-catching motifs that combine simplicity with complex, intricate weaves, sometimes borne out of a single line. Each unique pattern is meant to symbolize a trait of the bearer: Love, Integrity, Hope, and Harmony among others. Besides the weave, the other prominent feature of most Celtic rings is the two simple bands that border and contain the weave pattern between them. This feature is not essential, though, and Simply Suave is able to produce any Celtic ring to the exact design specifications as you desire.


Grooved rings are exactly that – rings with grooves etched into the band. Grooved rings are a strong, solid, very masculine ring. They vary from those with a single groove running along the circumference, several grooves etched that same way, or a network of grooves engraved into intricate patterns that stand out, especially when light hits them. The groove(s) may be inlaid with a metal whose color contrasts with that of the rest of the band for an even more striking appearance.


Contemporary rings – those made from titanium and tungsten – remain ever popular for their stylish, understated look. Also retaining their evergreen status are Plain rings, called so only for their minimalist design; a Simply Suave customized ring is not plain by any standard. Both these types of rings can be customized in innumerable ways to mirror your unique personality.


Rings are rarely, if ever, worn without reason. They signify relationships, achievements and affiliations, none of which we take lightly.


What better way is there to celebrate them than with a customized ring
by Simply Suave?

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