Who really should pay for the mans wedding ring?

The moment every girl dreams of ever since they were a little girl- the gentleman on his knees, pop opens the box that holds the engagement ring he bought using his money or the finance companies money paying back 2$ a day.


A modern day wedding ceremony cant really progress without a wedding ring for the lady, next to her engagement ring and a wedding ring for the man. Okay so we all know and expect the man to pay for his fiance’s engagement ring. But what about her wedding ring and his wedding ring? Who pays for that?


Having worked in retail jewellery for years I noticed one common theme- that men end up paying for everything. I was trained to upsell it all at one go when the woman comes back to resize her ring make sure you sell them their wedding bands. An easy route to do this was to ask them did you want to get your wedding rings now and that’s one major event out of the way. The ones swept over by love would oblige noddingly and buy them right away, without too much thought.

When it came to closing the deal, it was still the man who paid for both their wedding rings- often just slap it on to the finance plan as I was so tuned to saying. I did always think this was odd, until one day when a couple came in and asked me so who normally pays for the mens wedding ring.  I held back for a moment before saying what was expected of me- the man pays for it all usually.

Okay, the lady asked me, how is that possible, that doesn’t sound fair. At that moment it hit me, she was right. Why should the man pay for the engagement, wedder and his own wedding ring. While writing this up I did a quick online search and here is an interesting read on the knot that says


Bride and/or her family pay for groom’s ring.

Groom and/or his family pay for both of the bride’s rings.”

Although it looks like the groom is losing out when buying the rings, that link above shows who pays for what to keep it fair and even- but honestly the easiest solution is you both throw in whatever you have budgeted and get family from both sides to split whatever you are short by- well atleast its a dream case scenario.


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