Polished Classic Dome Black Zirconium Ring


Optional Custom Engraving

Personalise this ring with your own engraving message on the inside


Classic Domed Rings in Zirconium Black

represent the epitome of class, functionality and timelessness. The ageless, charismatic and well-loved design of the domed wedding band is rendered absolutely stunning thanks to the use of Zirconium Black, a strong, durable material that still manages to remain lightweight and comfortable to wear. The polished finish of this ring handsomely highlights the profile and proportions of the band, as well as the jet black lustre of Zirconium.


The Zirconium used in this ring has been subjected to heat treatment, resulting in the formation of an oxidised film on its surface, which in turn renders it extremely resistant to corrosion. The band featured here measures 6mm in width.


This ring is made to order in New Zealand. Please allow upto 20 working days for delivery (from the payment date) for your ring to be made and delivered across New Zealand, or standard delivery time internationally. If you have a shorter time frame, please contact us prior.


Customize – You can customise this ring. You can have this ring in a different width, colour or metal if you prefer, or you can also get a matching ring to this made for your partner. Please fill in as much detail as you can on our customized ring form. Zirconium Black lends effortless elegance and suave sophistication to the classic domed wedding band.


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