Most men will wear only one type of ring most of their life- a wedding band. A few others will wear a devoted ring or decorative rings but quite a few other men don’t like wearing rings because they feel they are either too flashy or too feminine. But upon deeper evaluation, it’s clear that the problem is usually in the design of the ring and not in wearing the ring. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem…

You can get a custom-made ring crafted to your liking. The best part about getting a custom made mens ring is that it not only reflects your style and personality, but it also makes you stand out.

At Simply Suave, we can get your dream ring made in the following materials:

Gold Rings

There’s no denying that gold is the great-granddaddy of all jewellery but these days it’s just one of the many good options. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it still wields a lot of cultural power.

Before you choose to have a custom-made gold ring, you should know it comes in three colours: rose, white and yellow. Rose gold is mixed with copper to give it a reddish tinge, white gold is alloyed with manganese or nickel to give it a silver tone and yellow gold is generally blended with copper to give it strength.

Gold is measures in Karats and 24k is the purest gold; from there on down it becomes less pure, however 24k gold is so soft it isn’t ideal for any jewellery. Most of our mens rings are 9k, and they can also be optionally be made in 18k .

Here are the pros and cons of the three different colours of gold:

a) Rose gold


It’s more durable than white or yellow gold.

It’s affordable

It doesn’t need rhodium plating

It has a vintage appeal

It complements all skin tones.


Because it has copper, it is not hypoallergenic

It’s not easily available.

b) White gold


It’s affordable, in comparison to metals like Platinum

It’s durable and more scratch resistant than yellow gold

It complements fair or rosy skin tones


It needs to be re-plated every few years with rhodium in order to retain its colour and luster

It does not generally complement olive or darker skin tones.

c) Yellow Gold


It’s the natural and traditional colour that the world recognises gold as.

It requires the least amount of maintenance of all the gold colours

It’s malleable and easy for most jewelers to work with.


It may needs to be polished or buffed on a regular basis to keep it looking new and shiny

It’s easily scratched or dented in comparison to the other contemporary metals.

Platinum Rings

Just like gold, platinum is measured in purity although it is way more valuable. From a distance, it’s easy to confuse platinum with silver but up close it has a mellower colour. If you choose to have your ring made from platinum, you can choose to have it polished to a high sheen or simply leave it in its natural sense for a smooth, dull finish.

Most people are drawn to platinum rings mostly because of their aesthetic appeal. Apart from that, it’s also stronger and more durable than gold. And when platinum scratches, it develops a patina. So this is a plus if you’re into the “worn out” or smoothed out look.

Titanium Rings

Aside from its cool name, titanium is a lightweight metal so it’s less clunky. It also comes in three colours, copper, gold or black. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your taste) titanium is easily coloured but the good news is that you can have it treated to achieve a rainbow patina. This will give it a colour-shifting appearance. Unlike Platinum, titanium doesn’t scratch as easily but is not scratch proof like tungsten. It’s also resistant to salt-based and water corrosion.

Tungsten Rings

If you are a guy who likes a little bulk and weight to your rings, then you should definitely go for a tungsten ring. Not only is it denser than titanium but it’s also a hard and hefty metal with a silvery grey tone colour. Tungsten is virtually scratch resistant and is also requires the least maintenance.

Although Tungsten has a lot of desirable properties it is not shatter proof, as it has a lot flexural strength just like diamond and can break if dropped from a height on to a hard surface, but this is not something that happens often, as a diamond has a higher chance of shatter.

Palladium Rings

If you want something that’s appealing but don’t want to spend as much to get a platinum band, then you should definitely go with palladium. It’s properties are similar to platinum with a few exceptions such as being slightly lighter. Palladium and platinum are closely associated and replaced and right now it’s used as the next best option to platinum.


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