The many looks and styles of tungsten rings

A major factor in the growing appeal of tungsten rings and tungsten wedding rings is the amazing variety of styles and looks possible. Tungsten can be endlessly embellished, designed and worked to create rings perfect for any mood or occasion. Tungsten Carbide as you may know is traditionally a tooling metal used in precision and sophisticated tooling or drilling equipment due to its extreme strength. It is from these same desirable properties that the utility of a mens wedding ring came about, mainly easy maintenance and scratch resistance.

Here are just a few of the unique stylings you may consider for your tungsten ring.

Size. Because tungsten carbide is one of the strongest, most durable materials in existence, tungsten rings can be larger and thicker than other rings. Rather than a standard band size, consider a ring that is thicker, for more luxury and drama, or broader across for added visual pop and a larger canvas for patterns and designs.Most Tungsten Rings are about 2.2mm to 2.33mm thick which is about twice as much as a standard gold band.

Colour and finish. Tungsten can be ionic plated in other colours or treated to achieve distinctive looks. Black is most common, which creates a look that is elegant and authoritative. Gold is also common, for a style that is more traditional and luxurious yet affordable in comparision to real gold . A highly polished finish glitters with eye-catching appeal, while matte finish adds texture and sophistication. Whilst these are durable, they aren’t permanent like any form of plating. For a permanent black colour enquire about a custom tungsten ceramic finish.

Stones. Precious stones can be added to any tungsten ring and of course are a popular choice for tungsten wedding rings.

Grooves, stepped design and cut outs. These are all creative artisanal techniques used to invoke different looks. They can add texture, drama and innovation to any design and are particularly well liked for tungsten wedding rings.

Inlays. Coloured and patterned carbon fibre inlays are a popular upgrade for tungsten rings. The variety of styles is immense, allowing you to choose a look that is perfectly in tune with your character.

Patterning. Distinctive patterning adds personality to any tungsten ring, popular choices include Kiwiana, Celtic, modern abstract designs, circuitry, and fantasy-inspired themes.

Choose a tungsten ring look that best fits your your unique character? Check them out here:

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